Operating in the province of Hatay, it can provide services for the whole of Turkey upon request. You can contact our Hatay luxury car rental sales department for normal rental vip vehicles or VIP car rentals in different provinces.

Rental VIP Car Prices announced on our Hatay VIP Car Rental website are presented to you based on 8 hours/day rentals. Special discounts are available for long-term VIP car rentals. You can get information about the subject from our Hatay VIP Car Rental department.

Hatay VIP Car Rental prices include driver and fuel costs. 50 km in city car rentals. limit and extra kilometers are priced at 1 TL/km. All expenses related to the driver and the vehicle (parking, car wash, bridge and highway crossings, driver food and beverage, accommodation, etc.) are free of charge and are covered by Hatay VIP Car Rental.

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